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Immigration attorneys can help you navigate the myriad of forms and paperwork and give you the best chance of success with your immigration aspirations. Experienced and knowledgeable immigration lawyers will make your immigration experience less stressful knowing you have an attorney who works in the immigration law practice area.

Types of Immigration Visas

H-1B Visa, I-140 Visa

H-1B Status Visas are awarded to foreign workers on a temporary basis. The H-1B Status Visa requires at minimum a bachelor’s degree or verifiable equivalent experience and is initially granted for 3 years.

L-1 Visa

L-1 Visas are awarded to foreign workers who have worked abroad for a particular company for at least one full year. The L-1 Visa can be for managers and executives, the L-1A Visa, and for employees with “specialized knowledge”, the L-1B Visa.

TN Status Visa

TN Visas are awarded to qualified Mexican and Canadian citizens in conjunction with NAFTA, The North America Free Trade Agreement.

O-1 Visa, Extraordinary Ability, Work Visa, Work Permit

The O-1 Visas are awarded to foreign individuals who have extraordinary ability. The O-1Visa is usually awarded for 3 years initially and can be extended in one year increments indefinitely.

The F-1 Student Visas are awarded to foreign individuals for academic study in the U.S.

B-1 Visa, Business Visa

B-1 Business Visas are awarded to foreign business persons who want to enter the U.S. for a temporary period of time to conduct business, usually 30 days, unless a longer time period is needed and can be demonstrated.

Alternatively, foreign business persons who simply want to invest in a U.S. company may qualify for an EB5. EB5 visas do not require individuals to physically work at the company, nor live in the same city.

Cancellation of Removal

Cancellation of Removal for U.S. Employment-Based Visas require labor certification most of the time.

Working with Immigration Lawyers

Find an Immigration Lawyer, Attorney or Law Firm to help with your immigration law case or obtaining a visa. Immigration lawyers usually specialize in immigration law and nothing else, which gives them exceptional experience with immigration legal procedures, case history and anything else related to immigration law that an immigration attorney should know, including the different types of visas available and which would be best for you situation.

An immigration attorney lawyer will be able to answer all your immigration questions and give you confidence in your immigration situation. This will allow you to focus on your personal issues and anything else affected by your immigration proceedings.

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