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Legal HelpWelcome to Legal Law Help, a free online legal help research resource for those seeking online legal help and from a local law firm.  Visitors can research legal information in the most common legal help practice areas and review legal articles authored by practicing lawyers.

The site also provides access to state law resources, legal codes and statutes, legal news and safety law help guides covering various legal health and safety topics.   Some of those include personal injury, product liability, dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, defective products and medical devices.  New legal information is continually added as new developments occur in the realm of safety and health and we aim to provide information to help inform consumers as they embark on their research and journey to seek legal help.

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If you need to find lawyers and want to achieve the best possible outcome in your case, you should seek a lawyer who has experience in handling your specific type of legal case. It’s wise to work with an attorney or firm that has been practicing for several years vs. someone fresh out of law school. There is no substitute for legal help experience when it comes to seeking help and there are many stories to share of those who have chosen their help haphazardly. A good rule of thumb is no matter what, under no circumstances, agree to work with the first firm you speak with, even if they are the firm you ultimately end up using. This will help you use good judgement and get multiple legal opinions and options that will also help you to fully understand your particular legal situation.

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Choosing a lawyer is a decision that should be carefully considered along with potential attorney fees. Some types of lawyers take cases on contingency and only receive payment if you win a legal settlement. Most will require a fee for service up front and some offer free legal consultations. It will all depend on the practice area and the law firm. You should discuss the cost of legal services at your first interview with a lawyer. The lawyer may not be able to determine the exact amount of time, legal help and effort required to handle your case but should be able to give you an estimate based upon past legal experience. Sometimes, a lawyer may quote a total charge (flat rate) for the work involved or may just give you an hourly figure for the estimated time required on a particular matter.

Thank you for visiting our site to research legal information and find legal help. The content and legal help articles in this web site have been provided by for general legal informational purposes only and are not legal advice. None of the information at this web site is intended to constitute, nor does it constitute legal advice, and you can use our attorney directory to find a lawyer once you have finished your online legal research. The lawyer you decide to work with can answer all of your legal questions, clarify fee policies, and provide the legal help you need with all aspects of your case.